FunCtional Application Shopping Templates (Fast)

iphoneEmpower your consumers!  Functional Application Shopping Templates provide you with the right tools to quickly get your consumer mobile apps out to your customers.

More and more your consumers are moving from your .com sites to mobile apps, on their smartphone. Are you available to them on the device they always have with them? You can bet your competitors are.

Smartsoft Mobile Functional Application Shopping Templates give you the head-start you need to make your mobile device presence felt quickly and stylish with compelling capabilities to offer your customers. You select from among the most popular features for your app, select from among various views for each feature, input your logos and you are up and running.

Key Features
  • Capabilities including Imaging and Voice
  • Search / Lists / Favorites
  • Wallet / Coupons / Receipt Management
  • Map Overly / Finder / Directios
  • Messaging / Ads / Analytics
  • Loyalty Program / Collaboration / Social Media
  • Compelling, Beneficial Tools

How it works for you
  • Templates for all the B2C features you will want to offer
  • Select from among various designs for each feature
  • Upload your logos and images
  • Submit to the app stores of your choice
  • Reap the benefits of interaction with mobile users

device platforms
  • Android
  • Apple
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Others available



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