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Enterprise Mobile Solutions - The Next Big Thing

Here are the enterprise mobility best practices you need to know.




1.  Make sure you support consumer grade devices, the devices your customers and employees already carry.



2.  Changes in the eco-system are converging mobile users - employee and customers. Business to everyone is essential to your solution.



3.  Apps should be built for compelling, beneficial functions for the intended mobile user. The supporting infrastructure should be common for B2B and B2C for efficiency and to ensure accuracy.




4.  Today mobile apps need to take the mobile user's perspective; pushing data out to the mobile user, the traditional approach, results in inefficient solutions and too many compromises for the mobile user.




5.  As with all software solutions, mobile solutions have evolved to packaged apps - an app store approach to solutions.


Make sure your enterprise mobile solution vendor recognizes
the future of enterprise mobility.


Behind Smartsoft Mobile Apps
  • Focus on Mobile User Experience
  • Compelling, Functional Apps
  • Dashboard and Collaboration
  • Consumer Grade Device Compatibility
  • Packaged B2B Apps
  • Packaged Consumer App Templates
  • Mobility Services Bus

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