Case Studies

Leveraging the Smartsoft Mobile Services Bus, businesses can provide access to back office information for consumers and affiliates from the mobile devices they carry today and tomorrow.

A solution that will grow with your business and with technology, the Services Bus handles information requests from the mobile user, accesses the appropriate back office systems, and delivers the results expected, on-demand.


Retailer Case Study (B2C)
  • Consumers access traditional .com functions from their smartphone
  • Consumers provided additional capabilities not offered on .com
  • User experience with the app drives consumer loyalty
  • Supported on multiple device platforms, downloaded from application stores

ERP User Case Study (B2B)
  • Affiliates access ERP on-demand
  • Industrial and Consumer grade devices supported
  • Dashboards provide exception alerts
  • Increased productivity for affiliates
  • Increased utilization of ERP

Retailer Case Study (B2E)
  • The Smartsoft Mobile Services Bus provides access to information on various back office systems for all mobile users
  • Mobile user experience and user interface driven by role (consumer/affiliate)
  • User experience with the app drives consumer loyalty and affiliate productivity
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