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Smartsoft Mobile App gets certified by SAP

Posted by: SMS Admin

Smartsoft had been working in tandem with SAP’s Partner Service Delivery through the Mobile Apps Partner Program in bringing the quality to mobile application that it was building, named Spare Parts Lookup 1.0, to the standards set by SAP, so the application could take a snug spot in SAP store.

Spare Parts Lookup 1.0, is an application that primarily helps automobile service personnel check warranty information and the availability of critical parts.

On the 14th of November, 2012, post extensive certification testing of the application on an Android device and an iPhone device, SAP certified the Spare Parts Lookup 1.0 application, confirming the existence of product features in accordance with the SAP certification procedures. The configuration used for testing on both the devices meets the requirement for connecting the application to Sybase Unwired Platform 2.1.3.

This co-innovative effort between Smartsoft and SAP establishes the alignment of interests in establishing a niche in the mobile application market through the introduction of innovative products, and paves the way forward for mutually profitable propositions.

Android app on Google Play   SP Lookup - Smartsoft International Inc     

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Top 10 Lessons Learned from Enterprise-Wide Mobile Projects

Posted by: ed.krufka

Through decades of mobile solution deployment, Smartsoft Mobile principals have developed multiple best practices to ensure ROI in Consumer and Enterprise Mobility Solutions.  Here are the top 10 lessons that you should apply in your project.  Contact Smartsoft Mobile for more information.

  1. Mobile Strategy - Think for tomorrow. Think enterprise access. Identify who needs mobile access, then multiply that number by 10. Then by 100.
  2. Business to Everyone - Understand the evolving means for you to provide information to your employees, partners, and customers.
  3. Packaged Apps - Address the needs of the greatest number of mobile users in your enterprise first.
  4. Take the Mobile User’s Perspective - Rethink traditional mobility. Devices and the audience are different. Focus on meeting needs, on-demand.
  5. Project Execution - Skills needed, deployment methods, and the user-base have evolved. Traditional project techniques need to be upgraded.
  6. Dynamic Mobility eco-system - Understand the trends and forecasts. Design a strategy that can adjust to the rapid and broad changes in the mobility space.
  7. Understand your audience’s expectations - What is your audience asking of you?
  8. Design for Performance - Abandon archaic methods and capitalize on what technology can offer today and what evolving technology will offer tomorrow.
  9. Invest in the User Experience - Solution adoption drives ROI. Mobile access increases the ROI of the back-office systems. Focus on your solution’s user experience.
  10. Needs of Your Mobile Audience - How will your audience engage with your business? Who is “your audience”? Answer – everyone!

To get more details, contact us and mention Top 10 Lessons Learned.

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Dan Homrich, Smartsoft Mobile CEO Speaks at SAPinsider 2012

Posted by: ed.krufka

Dan Homrich, Smartsoft Mobile’s visionary and CEO, presented the 10 Lessons Learned for Consumer and Enterprise Mobile Solutions at SAPinsider.  Contact Dan at for more information.

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Smartsoft Mobile At SAP FKOM

Posted by: ed.krufka

Tim Homrich attended FKOM to support SAP’s annual kickoff and work with the new app Smartsoft Mobile has built for SAP sales people.  Contact for more information.

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Smartsoft Mobile Supports SAP at NRF 2012

Posted by: ed.krufka

Ed Krufka worked with SAP in the SAP booth at NRF 2012.  Ed showcased Smartsoft Mobile’s packaged apps and solutions for retail.  For more information, contact Ed at

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Mobile Project QA: Advice from the Experts

Posted by: ed.krufka

Smartsoft Mobile has delivered mobile solutions that are today in the hands of hundreds of thousands of users.  With a reach like that, you can see the importance of thorough quality assurance testing in the project.

Here’s a brief list of the areas to address in your mobile project QA:

  1. Develop test plans along side the functional specification and wireframe process.
  2. Don’t rely on an emulator to do all your testing; do you have a good representation of the devices your mobile audience will use?
  3. Test every connectivity state between the device and back office.  What happens when the device’s battery dies?  What happens when the device drops in and out of coverage?  What happens when your CDMA device gets a phone call?
  4. Understand that the device will be doing other things at the same time your app is running – perform integrated testing with the device
  5. How will your app work across multiple devices on the same mobile OS – did you account for all the screen size variations of Android devices?; did you provide two sizes of iOS images for older and newer iPhones?
  6. Understand the various cross-platform devices your app will experience, if applicable – multiple device families may work differently, even on the same mobile OS.
  7. Universal “Off-Shore” will generally mean limited capabilities – test in the ecosystem it will be deployed – time zones, coverage, services, environment, etc.

Some of the best advice we can offer to you as you are building your QA plans is to remember that you “don’t know what you don’t know.”  And normally, that’s where your biggest hurdle to a clean deployment is hiding.  Here’s one of our favorite examples:

We were working an iPad project with a search box that filtered a list of values.  The user would select a value and see the corresponding details.  Turned out that the iPad was spell checking the search box field and changing the entered text on the next click.  This next click was usually the user clicking on an item in the list.  However, as the user clicked, the list quickly changed and the user ended up selecting a different item.  Lesson learned, make sure you are testing in the user environment and understand how all the potential variations of settings on the user’s device could impact your app’s operation.

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Connecting for Success in Enterprise Mobility Projects

Posted by: ed.krufka

Starting a mobile project, like other projects, requires you to think about the resources that you will use in the project.  And one of the areas to be very certain you have the right resources is in the development of the connectivity between the mobile app and the back office.

Smartsoft Mobile has helped customers, both B2B and B2C, mobilize hundreds of thousands of users.  And in every situation the impediment to the most rapid deployment is connectivity to the back office, not the app development as many people suspect.

Why is this?

  1. Resources typically targeted for building the connectivity services are internal IT resources with a backlog of activities already on their plate.
  2. Normal IT issues typically claim these resources over any new initiative.
  3. Enough due diligence is not done in the creation of the connectivity services in order to properly design them (Note:  Part of this due diligence is understanding enterprise mobility, including taking the mobile users’ perspective in the design of the solution – for a quick list of where to focus in preparing to build mobile solutions, check out the blog Five Ways to Optimize the ROI of your Mobile Solution).

If you want to be successful with your mobile project, make sure to properly staff, prepare for, and execute on all phases of the project; especially when it comes to connecting to the back office.

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Smartsoft Mobile On the SAP Eco-Hub

Posted by: ed.krufka

Smartsoft Mobile announces their latest app, the Asset Visualizer for iPad, can now be seen on the SAP Eco-Hub.

The Asset Visualizer is one of over 20 mobile apps available for business today, including packaged, out-of-the-box mobile apps to provide SAP and other back end ERP functions on mobile devices as well as a templated approach to building beneficial and compelling consumer facing mobile apps.

Click the following image to go to the Asset Visualizer on the SAP Eco-Hub.

Targeting Procurement, Oil Field Worker and contractors, Maintenance personnel, Finance, and others, the Asset Visualizer puts details for the desired asset on the user’s mobile device.

Asset details are easily accessed and the mobile user views and updates that information. Leveraging the advantages of the mobile device, location based services or the embedded camera for scanning simplifies the search functions to quickly find the asset sought by the user.

The app intuitively leads the user to details for the desired asset and allows an authorized user to update those details, including adding a photo of the asset.

Download the Asset Visualizer now to take a test drive.

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Smartsoft Mobile Apps for Windows Phone in the Marketplace

Posted by: ed.krufka

The Smartsoft Mobile App for Windows Phone is now available in the Microsoft Marketplace. Smartsoft Mobile Apps for Windows Phone

From a Windows Phone, you can find it by searching in the Marketplace on Smartsoft, or click the following link on your computer to find it in Zune (Smartsoft Mobile Apps).

Smartsoft Mobile Apps give users real-time access to back office systems like SAP and Oracle from their Windows Phone. With the Windows Phone Smartsoft Mobile Apps, employee and partner productivity is increased by access to real-time alerts and information which increase personnel utilization and reduce delays in the work flow.

This app provides access to real-time Inventory Inquiry and Purchase Order Approvals. In addition, the user receives alerts about pending Purchase Orders to be approved.

Smartsoft Mobile Apps connect through mobile middleware to your back office system. However, to explore the capabilities of the app, download it today and start working immediately with the sample data downloaded to your Windows Phone with the app.

When you are ready to connect to your back office, contact Smartsoft Mobile for all the details. Connecting to your back office will require appropriate licenses to your back office and the mobile middleware.

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Five Ways to Optimize the ROI of your Mobile Solution

Posted by: ed.krufka

Enterprise mobile solutions are about providing additional access to your back office systems to improve many aspects of your business.  Here are five ways to optimize the return on investment of your mobile solution.

  • 1.  Deliver beneficial and compelling functionality

Mobile solutions are different than desktop solutions – if you start there you’re already on the right path to optimizing your ROI. And the best place to start is by taking the mobile users’ perspective. Focus on meeting the needs of the mobile user, not blindly pushing data out to the mobile user or mobilizing older processes and forms.

Another necessary approach is to “stay out of the way of the mobile user.”   This means that you should not give the mobile user one more thing to do, rather support them in working through the business process.

Remember, beneficial and compelling functionality will drive adoption of your solution. And adoption will drive usage, which ultimately drives your ROI.

  • 2.  Look to Packaged Apps

Your mobile audience, employee, partners, and customers, are used to packaged apps that provide real-time access to the information they need.

As with most large solutions, your first deliverable paves a path for more rapidly deployed subsequent deliverables. Leverage packaged apps to rapidly increase access for the masses in your mobile audience. And then leverage the infrastructure in your first deliverable to grow your mobile offering.

As you increase access to your back office systems for your mobile audience and achieve and exceed the ROI of your mobile solution, you also increase the ROI on your back office systems.

  • 3.  Understand Your Audience’s Expectations

Today, your mobile audience has access to hundreds of thousands of apps to provide them with the information they need. Expectations are changed and access is the key.

Your customers expect 24/7 access to your business, whether they are at their desktop or on their phone.

You can increase your interaction with your customers and prospects by being open for business when they want to engage with you – 10 years ago you ensured you had a website; today you also need a mobile app.

  • 4.  Increase Workforce Productivity

Automation of your paper-based business processes streamlined those processes. Now, with mobile access, additional streamlining is possible.

New this time around is your employees are already familiar with the hardware and how to run apps on that hardware.

By providing information at the point of performance you increase the output of your workforce while increasing the quality of the output.

  • 5.  Spend less time in the project and more time using the solution

Just a packaged apps increase your speed to ROI, look to solution providers with packaged deployment methodologies to minimize the impact on the workforce, minimize the impact on the back office systems, and get it implemented right the first time.

Increasing access to the back office extends the ROI on the back office solutions.

Smartsoft Mobile recently conducted a webinar on this topic – you can playback a recording of that webinar here – Smartsoft Mobile’s Five Ways to Optimize the ROI of your Mobile Solution.

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