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Executive Use of Enterprise Mobility

Besides doing the stuff on a smart-phone that keeps us human such as Facebook, Twitter, and Urban Spoon; enterprise mobility application developers are making applications that enhance business management. Picture this a regional sales manager is traveling to multiple sales offices to perform performance appraisals on the six offices she is in charge of. Just before arriving in her cramped rental car she stops for gas. The manager then decides to view sales performance of the sales executives of the Cleveland, Ohio office she is about to visit in real time. The manager pulls out her Droid Incredible, launches a BI app, which links to the data stored in IBM’s Cognos, located on-site at Corporate headquarters. Instantly the manager has a real-time view of sales by employee, the ability to compare actual sales to the sales forcast, all in interactive dynamic charting format. After viewing this information, as will as key performance indicators for all of the staff she relized one sales executive just landed the largest account  in the Cleveland offices history yesterday….

As the manager is rewarded for this, along with the sales executive, she immediately changes her lunch plans to take this rising sales executive. The manager then searches for a proper restaurant using the Urban Spoon application, also on the Droid Incredible, sends a lunch invite to the sales executive and is off to the Cleveland office.  Truly this information she received at the point of performance changed her day, the career of her direct report, and the profitability. As we all know what gets measured gets rewarded, and whats rewarded gets done. 

Business can be bland, but the combination of innovative mobile applications allowing for real-time data to be pushed to a mobile device, interactive/creative displays of that information, and the tools we use everyday in life and in business can really make it exciting. Few people like staring at a spreadsheet, but if you can flip graphical representations of data with a finger, drill down to the account level, and have a fine steak…. Life gets a little sweeter.

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