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Executive Use of Enterprise Mobility

Besides doing the stuff on a smart-phone that keeps us human such as Facebook, Twitter, and Urban Spoon; enterprise mobility application developers are making applications that enhance business management. Picture this a regional sales manager is traveling to multiple sales offices to perform performance appraisals on the six offices she is in charge of. Just before arriving in her cramped rental car she stops for gas. The manager then decides to view sales performance of the sales executives of the Cleveland, Ohio office she is about to visit in real time. The manager pulls out her Droid Incredible, launches a BI app, which links to the data stored in IBM’s Cognos, located on-site at Corporate headquarters. Instantly the manager has a real-time view of sales by employee, the ability to compare actual sales to the sales forcast, all in interactive dynamic charting format. After viewing this information, as will as key performance indicators for all of the staff she relized one sales executive just landed the largest account  in the Cleveland offices history yesterday….

As the manager is rewarded for this, along with the sales executive, she immediately changes her lunch plans to take this rising sales executive. The manager then searches for a proper restaurant using the Urban Spoon application, also on the Droid Incredible, sends a lunch invite to the sales executive and is off to the Cleveland office.  Truly this information she received at the point of performance changed her day, the career of her direct report, and the profitability. As we all know what gets measured gets rewarded, and whats rewarded gets done. 

Business can be bland, but the combination of innovative mobile applications allowing for real-time data to be pushed to a mobile device, interactive/creative displays of that information, and the tools we use everyday in life and in business can really make it exciting. Few people like staring at a spreadsheet, but if you can flip graphical representations of data with a finger, drill down to the account level, and have a fine steak…. Life gets a little sweeter.

Google and Verizion “The Other Internet”

There has been much chatter of the “proposal” presented yesterday. The big picture is search giant Google and wireless provider Verizon want to keep the desktop Internet neutrality, but consider the rapidly growing mobile web another story. They two giants want to monetize the mobile web, and are leaders both jockeying for position. Revenue potential is staggering, but here are some benefits that this scary proposition brings to mobile developers:

While only time will tell if the government gives this a second look, this is a pretty eye opening proposal!  We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Google News Flash

Smartsoft Mobile will now be offering an aggregation of platform information and rumors in a special four part blog series. For the Second Installment Google is highlighted… Enjoy!



  • Adoption growth in Q1 2010 is 20% greater for Android devices than iPhone
  • User demographic is has a 73% male adoption rate
  • Google-HTC-T-Mobile Nexus One “project” terminated
  • Motorola Droid X has no front facing camera (no video conferencing)
  • HTC will be launching four new Android phones in Sep 2010 with multiple carriers
  • HTC Droid Incredible is the fastest selling Android OS phone in the world
  • Sprint added 112,000 subscribers mainly due to new 4G network, first subscriber gains in years, exceeded analysts’ expectations
  • Verizon also a Droid seller will have a 4G network before year end
  • Google Android is now the fastest growing consumer grade device OS in both the US and UK
  • Dell is now a Smartphone manufacturer with Dell Streak running Android exclusively and a $199.00 price point running Android OS
  • Droid has gained an extra 10.2% of total UK market share just in Q1 2010
  • Droid Incredible (HTC) and Droid X (Motorola) have been in backorder since late Jun 2010 due to high demand, both devices will have supply replenishment Aug 8, 2010 for HTC and Aug 16, 2010 for Motorola
  • Augen a 7.1 inch Android tablet to sell at Kmart for $149.00 in Oct 2010
  • Google has announced that it will be rolling out a copy protection mechanism for Android Market 
    • Google sets up a special licensing server, which keeps record of application purchases.
    • Developers can use libraries provided by Google that query this server each time the application is started.
    • The server then tells the application if the user has a valid license to use the application.
  • HTC Glacier will release in  fall 2010 running a dual core Snapdragon processor and will be 3x faster than the EVO 4G
  • The Samsung Galaxy Q will have:
    • 3-inch Super AMOLED screen (720×480)
    • 1 GHz Hummingbird processor 
    • 8MP camera with LED flash
    • 1.3 mp front-facing camera
    • QWERTY keyboard
    • Android 2.2
    • 16GB internal memory (Micro SD expandable to 32GB)

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